In keeping with The Greener Spirit, I try to upcycle, recycle, or use whatever materials I have on hand but unfortunately, that doesn’t always work out.  I am often asked where I purchase my project materials and will always try to give you low cost ideas.  Here are a few favorites.

  • Mother Nature!  Rocks, twigs, broken branches, shells, leaves… the options and projects are endless!
  • Thrift stores are an awesome resource for all kinds of finds.  That ugly table lamp may just need a coat of paint to be spectacular.  Reupholstering a foot rest will give it new life.  One of my all time favorite things to hunt for though, are glass jars and bottles.  You can find all kinds of air tight containers for your herbal concoctions at thrift stores!
  • I love Mason Jars!  Yes, you can usually find them in craft stores, but they are often overpriced.  Thrift stores also usually have mason jars if you don’t need many.  I use them for all kinds of projects and store my herbal apothecary in them, so I go through a lot of jars.  If you will use them, the best thing to do is buy them by the case.  You can usually get Mason Jars by the case from your friendly, local hardware store, many grocery stores carry them, and if all else fails, you can also order Mason Jars from Amazon.

I highly recommend supporting your friendly, local herb shop!  Unfortunately, not everyone has one.  In which case, check out Mountain Rose Herbs.  Their selection, freshness, and quality cannot be beat. is such a great resource!  They have a few different free herbal courses and ebooks available, they are the creators of Wildcraft the boardgame, and you can also find a link to

125x125 free herbal course learningherbs


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