Janine at ren faireWelcome to The Greener Spirit!

My name is Janine and I’m your resident Treehugger.

I’m going to let you in on a little secret, though: I wasn’t always.  I used to use chemical cleaners, I’d idle my truck, I used standard fertilizer in my gardens, I’d get antibiotics whenever I was sick no matter if was a virus or not, and forget about the chemical laden beauty products that I would slather on my skin.

And then I started to wise up.  I read articles and books and news reports.  I started to feel ill from the chemical scent whenever I cleaned the bathroom.  I noticed how much healthier my skin looked when I made my own astringent.   Eventually, swapping out my standard bulbs for CFL’s wasn’t enough and I wanted to be more hands on.  I found tons of sustainability tips, DIY craft websites, and many articles on making your own household cleaners and personal products.  What I didn’t find was one place that had it all.  A one stop shop for green tips and tutorials for yourself, your home, your garden, and more.

I created The Greener Spirit for people like me who care about what happens to our planet and want every day, practical things they can do themselves to help preserve her.  The principle of “do no harm” resonates with me especially about our Mother Earth.  I hope that I will leave her a better place (isn’t that something we were taught in Girl Scouts?) and I hope I can help you do that, too!


Disclaimer: tries to give you the best and safest tutorials and wellness tips. Please be sure you take all safety precautions and familiarize yourself with instruction manuals for tools before attempting to use them. Please consult your health care professional before changing your diet or exercise plan or before implementing changes to your wellness program.