A Super Simple Way to Save Money on Your Herbal Supplements

As more studies come out in support of herbal supplementation, the general population is finding it more acceptable to try taking some Echinacea when they feel a cold coming on or to try talking to their doctor to see if St John’s Wort would help with their seasonal depression.  I believe in herbs and have seen time and again that they are effective.  Some people might argue that herbal supplements are a little pricey, but they don’t have to be… if you make them yourself!

 A Super Simple Way to Save Money on Your Herbal Supplements

I just made my first batch of herbal supplements in capsule form.  To date, the most popular forms that my herbal medicine would take is tea and tincture (although, I do love my salves!).  I heard about the Capsule Machine a long time ago, but realized that I NEEDED to get one when I discovered a post from Frugally Sustainable with her Anti-Inflammatory Capsule recipe.  Being the active girl that I am, I can’t avoid the occasional ache and pain, so I really wanted to try treating them herbally.  The Capsule Machine is this awesome little device that allows you to fill your own gelatin capsules with whatever herbal powders you like.    It is so freaking simple to use!  Here is a great video from John Gallagher at LearningHerbs.com on behalf of Mountain Rose Herbs giving you the how to:

Okay, so how is this going to save you some moolah?

By doing it yourself and buying your supplies in bulk (which, let’s face it, the supplies aren’t very big so the “bulk” won’t take up too much room)!  Let’s say that you want to get some Echinacea supplements to have on hand during this brutal winter that we’re having.

You already saw how easy it is to operate the Capsule Machine, now let’s see how doing it yourself breaks down.

So, let’s see…  Yes, you have the initial investment of the Capsule Machine, but after that…

  1. If you want to use the vegetarian capsules on Amazon for $17.75, it would cost $4.44 for 250 capsules.
  2. You will not use that whole 4oz of powdered herb, but definitely at least half of it at $3.50.
  3. Your grand total for homemade Echinacea Purpurea Root Capsules is $7.94.
  4. It should also be noted that each of the empty 00 capsules holds 700mg, which is almost double that of the NOW Foods sample bottle.

That is 43% LESS than that bottle from NOW Foods on Amazon!!


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